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  • Kim Wyatt's Creative Reflections
    I choose bright clear colors for my paintings because I find them uplifting and expressive. I work quickly to maintain the mood of each piece and I allow my feelings to flow into my work. My typical mediums are watercolors, acrylic paints and ink, alone and in mixed media applications these all deliver the color intensity and immediacy I need in my art.
    ( Rating: 4.02 )

  • Steve Ackerman artist
    Paintings of Steve Ackerman UK artist, Poole, Dorset. Surreal, figurative, architectural and more!!
    ( Rating: 4.02 )

    contemporary art from Lale Selcuk in Switzerland (paintings: landscape, architectures, flower paintings, still life)
    ( Rating: 4.02 )

  • Axe Yard Gallery
    On-line gallery of the work of Raymond Perry a contemporary British landscape arist working in oils
    ( Rating: 4.01 )

  • Tulip Enterprises -Berlin Club-Art & Projects
    Two Berlin artists/organizers/curators working with a Pop-art philosophy, creating paintings that are kinetic; rhythmically changing appearance. Site displays art in witty rooms. Daily visual artblog.
    ( Rating: 3.89 )

  • abstract painting
    Vian is a Dutch painter. At a distance a playfull symfony off colours in his paintings, offer an experience of pure pleasure, but when zooming in on the canvas, you will discover a wide variety of everyday truths and lies, mixed in a decorative display of uninhibited fantasy.
    ( Rating: 3.84 )

  • Kenneth Vincent - Freelance Illustrator
    Visit the founder of Spiritualism. A mecca of colorful, bold an effervescent paintings all created by one young man whos sarcasm shines through his web site.
    ( Rating: 3.79 )

  • Zaman Gallery
    Zaman M. jassim - painter from saudi arabia, apstract painting and contemporary art work
    ( Rating: 3.73 )

  • Corile-Design
    Virtual gallery of oil paintings of London Landmarks. Also a selection of Illustrations, caricatures and figure drawings
    ( Rating: 3.64 )

  • francoise Fernand
    Personal artist web site on her production : Paintings and sculptures
    ( Rating: 3.63 )

  • Art of Max Magnus Norman [Sweden]
    Visions seen and meticulously painted or sculpted. People, angels, demons and animals in heaven and hell. Painted in a realistic style.
    ( Rating: 3.63 )

  • Art for the New Millenium
    A fine art site celebrating women and the return to the feminine aspect. Madonna & Child, Angels, Tarot, Jazz and Celebration of Life are current themes. Watercolor and gouache paintings with vibrant color, combining ethnic and classical style...
    ( Rating: 3.63 )

  • Zeljko Lesar, Mediteranean Landscapes - oils & acryliks
    consists of linking of spots in space, mathematical balancing and reducing of visual sensations in the simplicity and clearness of the idea, as clear is a glass of good, but strong mediterranean wine. [Zagreb]
    ( Rating: 3.52 )

    Oil paintings, watercolours, etchings and drawings, mainly of landscapes in the Himalaya, Yemen, Ireland and Brittany and free graphic works by the Dutch visual artist Sybren de Graaff.
    ( Rating: 3.47 )

  • Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm
    Landscapes, florals, cityscapes, still life, portraits in watercolor, acrylic and pastel.
    ( Rating: 3.46 )

  • James J Brown
    A database of over 140 original paintings by Seattle artist James J Brown.
    ( Rating: 3.44 )

  • Art of Dondi
    Original art by Southern artist, Dondi including nude figure paintings, portraits, etchings, collages, digital art, abstract paintings and more.
    ( Rating: 3.42 )

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